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Friday, August 27th, 2010
6:13 am
*crickets chirping*

So I don't know if anyone is still around (the last post is from two years ago... yikes!) but I wanted to give a poke to see where everyone is. Did everyone find the crit partner they wanted? Is everyone still writing? Has anyone been published since their last check-in? How y'all doing?

I joined this community back in the day, but since I didn't have anything to swap for a critique at that point, never posted anything. I now have a full manuscript and am working on another, so I thought I'd check back here to see what's going on.

I guess this is me poking around to see if anyone else signed on as a lurker but has made progress since then or is still in need of some critical eyes. Or if people just want to update on their writing progress, that'd be pretty awesome, too.

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Thursday, May 8th, 2008
9:53 pm
First Chapter
Hello all!

I'm Beth/Moth (hello again! *waves*) I posted my intro to the group a few weeks back if you want to look up my stats, etc before you read my stuff.

I need critical eyes and lots of them on my latest submission, so if any of you have a generous streak and some time/brainpower to kill, the first chapter of my medieval werewolf fantasy with romantic elements is up on Deviantart. You can leave comments here or there or email me at moragthescot@yahoo.com.


Things to watch for: head-hopping, navel-gazing (:D), telling not showing, infodump, cliches
but any and all constructive feedback would be very much appreciated.


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Monday, April 28th, 2008
7:04 am
I'm not dead

Sorry, folks; I didn't mean to slow down responding to new people - I did get a job (bookstore, baby!!) so I've been readjusting to having to get off my duff and go out into the world on a regular basis. 

Well, that and my writing has finally returned to my pre-not-working rate of around 1-2k a day and, uhm, well, see, the writing, she is a hard task master. I'm not sorry! *g*

But I did want to wave and say hi to the new people and hope that things are working out for you guys. Also curious - would anyone be willing to read young adult trad fantasy? There is a romance, which is a major subplot, but the novel is young adult. Just throwin' it out there.

Sunday, April 27th, 2008
7:19 pm
I'm in...
Name: Kat

Interests: Reading/writing, Theater (acting/singing/dancing/make-up/costume/set design), history (especially Germanic and/or early), anthropology, mythology, photography

Romance Genre: I mostly read metaphysical or historical

What I'm Looking For: honest and forthright critique, I suppose, like everyone else. I'd also like someone (or someones?) that I can work with regularly, since I always work better when I have someone 'depending' on me.

Tolerance for beginners: I would say pretty high, since I'm pretty 'beginner' myself.

Writing History: I've been writing on-and-off for most of my 37 years.

About Me: I'm a homeschooling single mom of two (three, if you count my housemate's daughter, whom I homeschool as well). I also, in my copious free time (hah!) am an actor/singer/dancer at the lower professional level (meaning that I actually get paid to perform, but not at the Equity 9-5 houses). I have been a professional photographer, and have a ridiculous amount of useless knowledge about too many subjects.

My first sample is from the prologue, which is written in a completely different voice as the body of the work (I'll post some from chapter one, too, in a different post). So, without further ado...

The Sample...Collapse )

I'm going to go back and read all the other submissions before mine over the next week or two (in between film shoots :), and I'll try to comment on each one. Cheerio!

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Wednesday, April 9th, 2008
1:58 pm
New Chapters Up
Hey! Hope everyone's writing is going well! :) I just wanted to say that I've got another couple of chapters up at my writing journal if anyone wanted to read them.


Have a great day!
Monday, April 7th, 2008
1:39 pm
New Writing Journal
Hey Y'all!

I've set up a journal to hold my novel chapters so the story will be easier to follow. If you'd like to read it, I'm going to leave it unlocked for a few days, and then if you'd like to keep reading and hopefully critiquing, I'll be happy to add you as a friend.

The journal is under my real name, instead of my regular lj name which I've used here (charlottezweb):


I'll add a note over here when I put up a new chapter, and if anyone else has a separate writing page, I'd love to read it!

Friday, April 4th, 2008
2:16 pm
Greetings, My Introduction and 1st Chapter
Hi everyone!
What and excellent idea to begin this community Amanda!

Name – Diane Barr

Interests – I am an avid reader of all things Urban Fantasy/Paranormal; with a love for Archaeology, Egyptology, Forensics, Mystery. Football rocks, as does knitting.  Curling up with a good book, my pillow, and my blanket.

Genre – Urban Fantasy and Paranormal.  However, it seems my characters are trying to dabble in romance behind my back.

Tolerance for Beginners- I’m a beginner, so I’m more worried what people will think of me. But, I want to be involved; by helping, learning and being a part of a group who feel like I do. Completely frustrated one minute and bouncing off the walls the next.

Writing history- This is my first novel. The only things I’ve submitted were a short story to Drollerie Press for an anthology contest they were doing, the first 100 words of my manuscript contest over at  BookEnds, LLC, which I received runner-up for my Urban Fantasy.

About Me – At my day job, I’m an IT Systems Technician. I don’t act my age. “cough” 41 “cough”.  Love the 80’s hair bands and usually have my music louder than my boys who are 19 and 15. I have 3 step boys who are 15, 13 and 3. Hence, the reason I love football. Go Bears! I have a pretty awesome sense of humor and snort when I laugh. I love the smell of new books and love to walk around Barnes and noble slurping a caramel Frappuchino.


I don’t have internet access at home at this time , but, I do at work So I can pop in and check blogs, etc. during the day, and if need be, take home anything assigned to me and respond the next day.

Oh and I apologize in advance for any profanity that may be offensive.


10:15 am
Introduction and hello!
Name: Kate

Interests: Reading and writing (obviously!), movies, politics, and culture

Romance Genre: currently short contemporaries. I'm thinking Blaze might be the right place for the one I'm offering up here, but I'm not entirely sure

What I'm Looking For: Validation of my inherent awesomeness? :) No, just kidding. I wrote this manuscript for 2006 NaNoWriMo. I'm looking for people who will tell me straight up what's wrong with it, who will not sugar coat their criticisms, and who will definitely not allow me to argue my way out of making the changes. And, you know, people who will tell me when something's good. Because that's nice too :)

Tolerance for beginners: I work with as an editor IRL, so I may growl a little at manuscripts that haven't had at least a perfunctory spell check. But apart from that, I'm really happy to look at beginners. I'm a beginner myself, so bring it on, I say! 

Writing History: I've got a BA in literature, and an MA in Publishing, and I've been published a couple of times in children's educational and activity books through the publishing house I work for, but never anything over 200 words :) This is something I've wanted to do for me for a really long time. I've won NaNo twice, and started a couple of novels in between.  I'm a fast writer, but tend to get a little sloppy. 

About Me: I'm a 28 year old editor, living in Australia. Because I'm lazy, here's my LJ profile. :) I have quite a busy life, but I've lately been really wanting to make time for writing. I'm hoping participation in a community like this will help me maintain my motivation. 

So let's get to it! Warnings and stuff: I use profanity very occasionally (but in my first chapter) and I think the sex scenes might be classified as hot.

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Thursday, April 3rd, 2008
9:58 am
Introduction and Sample Chapter
Hey, everyone! I'm so glad I saw the mention of this today. I'm have a lj anyway so it was easy to add this community--posting a chapter might be harder.

Name: Charlotte Evans

Interests: mystery and romance novels, tourism, fat activism, fashion, parenting, Joss Whedon, Heroes, etc.

Romance Genre: um. what I'm writing? what I like to read? paranormal, regency, modern writers like Jennifer Crusie.

Tolerance for Beginners: Well, I'm a beginner, so I hope decent. Am happy to bat around ideas or look at construction issues.

Writing History: I have a number of ideas on paper and the first few chapters of a novel started. Am overwhelmed at the sheer number of words needed in a book--need to be on a writing schedule, with a set output, but could use some outside encouragement for that and someone to bounce things off of in the stuck places.

About Me: I'm a fat feminist living in the SouthEast with my partner and our son who is almost 3. I have two tattoos at the moment and my style is on the girly side. I have an MA in English and taught comp and lit classes at the community college for a few years, but my concentration was in creative writing. Hopefully, I'll be starting an MA in library science this fall. *fingers crossed*

I've attached the first chapter of the barely started novel. Should I add a summary?

I'm looking for any feedback and will be responding to other people's posted excerpts as well shortly. If it's totally awful, then I want to hear that. (Well, I don't want to, but I need honest criticism because I think my husband might be biased. Heh.)

chapter oneCollapse )
chapter oneCollapse )
chapter oneCollapse )
chapter oneCollapse )
8:40 am

Hi, I didn't realize this was yet up and running so I'm a few days behind the curve I guess.

I have one crit partner in real life who is not the most reliable person but I still like her stuff, so we still share, but she's just not keeping up with me at this point.

A little about me: I'm a thirtysomething with a full time job, husband, dogs, not a lot of time but when I say something I commit to it. I am a liason for National Novel Writing Month's Naperville, Illinois region meaning I'm committed to Nanowrimo and a serious cheerleader for writers. But I can also be a bit merciless, or at least that's what I've been told when it comes to critiquing. I tend to provide a lot of feedback and I think maybe that's why. I don't fuss on the grammar. I'm more of a pacing, plotline, character critiquer. I figure grammar's something you, your manual of style, and spellcheck can handle.

In terms of where I am with my writing, I'm currently editing my first novel, and I have a second novel that is currently unfinished. I was the winner of the Smart Bitches Gary Farber contest not so long ago (You know, the one with the JR Ward Parody) so if you liked that, you might like the rest of what I write. The novel that is currently being edited is urban fantasy with romantic elements.

I have a query:

And I have a completely edited first chapter: 

I'm looking for someone to trade chapters with at this point as I go through and edit. 


Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
8:59 am
Excerpt for critique
Hi everybody!

Whew!  Third time's a charm.  I have no net at home and I have to do this from work and the blockers they have here are INSANE!  I'm really hoping this turns out okay, if not, please forgive my formatting.

Anywho, here's the beginning of the book I'm shopping around.  It's a contemp supernatural ghost story that links the past and present called BROKEN.  Let me know what you guys think!

I'll be reading the excerpts you guys put up during my lunch hour, and I'll have some comments for you this afternoon.

Monday, March 31st, 2008
2:22 am
Well, it's 2:20am on Monday over here in New Zealand, and I got chapter one written.  It's for an M&B, so it's short - I actually have no idea what the various lines are - Harlequin whatever - does anyone know a link where I can look into that?

Can't give you a synopsis since I haven't written the story yet, but I imagine somehow there'll be a happy ever after.  Just guessin'.


I feel all accomplished.  Man, it's been ages since I started writing a story.  I think this community could be really fun.  Cheers, guys.
Friday, March 28th, 2008
10:01 pm
Let's get the critiques rolling...
As I told Amanda, I'd volunteer to be the first sacrificial lamb...and dang if Jess didn't beat me to it. *lol* A bit of background on this book. Season of The Witch was my 2006 National Novel Writing Month project. I wrote just over 50K words in the month and then spent the next year finishing it (around 80K now) and polishing it. "Witch" is the first in a planned series so it got all of the "set up" information and the basis of what will be canon. I plan for the "Foreward" to be included in every book along with the "Case number, the setup and then a little about the main character. The main protagonist won't always be the same. Here's the opening and Chapter 1. Chapter 2 and 3 will follow later. I don't want to abuse the privilege of posting here. :-) Oh, I'm hiding it behind an LJ cut but not locking to friends only. These three chapters are up on my blog as a teaser blurb anyway.

Side note to LJ newcomers - for some reason, LJ formatting pretty much sucks, at least in my experience. I've learned a little coding so I can center and italicize and "stuffs" but doing indented paragraphs eludes me. Suffice it to say, in Word, the .docs are formatted correctly. If you catch a typo. PLEASE let me know! I repeat - Forest...Trees... Mainly, though, I want to know how it flows, if you like the characters, and what I need to do to improve it because believe me - I'm not so egotistical to think that I can't improve! What do you hate about it? What do you like? What needs fixing?

ETA: I forgot to mention...four letter words and derivatives of same are used herein. Just in case someone might be offended. *headdesk* sorry 'bout that.

Season of The WitchCollapse )

Thanks for any and all input, folks. I'll be returning the favor as posts are made.

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2:18 pm
I'm a newbie to LJ so I hope I don't screw this up.

I'm Abby Godwin, I write historical (Victorian/Regency).

About me: I live in Canada, just outside Toronto, I have a demanding day job in media. As well, my hubby runs his own business and I help him. I am very serious about writing but time constraints mean that I just don't have a huge output. I really hate those "word count challenge" things because I constantly fail. I write slow but steady.

That said, I have completed two manuscripts and have started a third. I marketed the first two widely to agents and got some promising feedback but ultimately rejections. I need a crit partner because I feel like my writing is good but it needs an extra push to make it better. I need someone to take an unbiased look at it and tell me where it sucks.

I've tried crit groups, but didn't like it. I want to go one-on-one.

On the flip side, I think I'm a pretty good critiquer. I put a lot of thought into it and I try to keep it objective and clear.

Oh yeah, and I'm glad you started this group. Great idea!

7:59 am
Hello :)
Name: Jessica Tudor

Interests: Reading and writing are givens; I also like names/etymology of names, Christianity (I'm non-denominational), theatre and singing, and quilting

Romance Genre: Fantasy/Romance hybrids or fantasy with romantic elements I think is the term we're using these days (or paranormal romance... ugh, they're all slightly different but not really in the grand scheme of things). I realize I will probably be an anomaly 'round here, but I like contemporary romance and historicals just fine as well. I'm not so keen on erotic.

What I'm Looking For: I have a manuscript sitting at nearly 50k and I'm stuck. It's wrong and I don't know why. I think it needs a mid-book revision but I'm useless to figure out what happened. I have some ideas, but I really need fresh eyes to read it and tell me where my plot dies. (Of course, I'd like a long-term CP, but this is the project for which I am posting here.)

Tolerance for beginners: I'm probably considered a beginner, so fairly tolerant. I love batting ideas around and working through plot snarls (forest for the trees when it comes to my own writing, I suppose). I'm good with grammar and mechanics as well. I'm serious, though, and have tried different online communities to find someone I connect with who can help me get to the next level with my writing. (No luck so far, though I've learned a lot.)

Writing History: Here's where I own up to my n00b status. I have a BA in creative writing. I'm under contract for a short story with Drollerie Press (for their anthology on new takes on old myths; it's the only thing I've ever submitted). That's... it. I have three finished novels under my bed, one of which I want to revise, the novel I mentioned above at 50k, and one other at 10k I'm writing while I look for what went wrong with the 50k-er, and a graveyard of dead stories.

About Me: I feel like I'm probably out of my league, but it never hurts to try, right? I'm 22, quirky, married, don't belong to any groups but am thinking of joining RWA next year (I am on the Cherry Forums), live near Philly, read a lot about writing craft and the industry and as I said before, I really want to grow as a writer. I didn't get my degree for nothing. (I blog at Tudor's Desk. It's a light, fun kind of place.)

I'm honest - I don't sugar-coat, but I do try to always point out at least one thing I like along with what needs work. I have this big deal about equality and fairness - I expect the same courtesies I give others. I don't curse, and while I don't care if you do, please try not to drop the f-bomb in every other sentence of our communications. Sometimes I think I'm the only person who thinks I'm funny, and I don't often understand why a thing is popular or generally humorous (case in point: I think Will Farrell is a horrible actor who just makes the same movie over and over); I used to be very sarcastic and still appreciate a good sardonic comment although I've scaled down myself. I am an emotional person; I tend to invest myself easily.
12:44 pm

Wow. There are people here. How exciting!

Some really good questions and suggestions have come up in the comments, so I'm just going to summarise some of those here for ease of finding - if we get a lot of people posting to the site I'll put up an FAQ, but for now here are a couple of things to think about.

From the original Smart Bitches comment page, I'm assuming everyone here is looking for a single Critique Partner, a one-on-one equal partnership. However, the site lends a lot of opportunity to branch out on that format, so as [info]robini suggests, if you're looking for a team of partners (beta readers), put a mention in on your introductory post. I think beta readers are particularly useful if you're not sure if you've got your hands on the right story to write yet. With CPs there's a sense of getting committed to one story, one story done and polished and sent off. But if you're dancing around a few different ideas, you might prefer to find a team of people to all throw their oars in.

One step under that, even, is just getting general feedback of 'I liked it'. In order to get your first partner-sparking interest, everyone's going to have to put up a sample of their work (which it would be great if everyone could add a comment to, by the way). After which, if you decide you want to write it fan-fiction style - a chapter at a time, everyone can comment - you might want to follow an idea of

silverjames and start up a friends-only journal. People can only view it if they ask to become your friend, and each post you make is 'friends-locked', so general people exploring the internet can't see it, and you can't find it on a google search. As far as I've seen in publisher's discussions, putting stories up this way doesn't violate any publishing protocals - you'll probably have to take the whole site down after you get it published, but I've never heard of any objections to writing a story this way, even if the entirety of the story ends up online in the end.

A really useful suggestion! For anyone unfamiliar with LiveJournal, you can do something called an lj-cut. It looks like  

Don't worry if it doesn't work, this whole post is long enough to deserve cutting for courtesy purposes, I'm just lazy.

Your intro post will let people know if they have anything in common with you. Good for saying 'hi, I'm here!' until you can pull a sample of your writing together. At least, it's been good for me to feel like you are all capable of using english and that this site is going to give me a great chance at finding someone I'll be writing-compatible with. You're all awesome.

Now, once you put up a sample of your writing you have a choice entirely up to you on how you'd like your responses. Leave it blank or just write 'comments, please', and everyone can type their thoughts and advice in the comments underneath it. If you're more conservative, or just prefer to screen what comments people can see, write your email address at the end of your post and ask people to send their thoughts to that instead. Some critiquers might find it easier to express themselves completely honestly this way as well.
But as I said earlier, it'd be great if everyone who reads a story could find something to say, because even nonconstructive feedback can make you feel good about your writing. 

As far as I can gather, everyone can post in the comments, but if you want to be able to write your own post, you need to join the community.  There's no process to get through, if you click 'join the community' you're in.

Right.  I started writing my M&B novel last night.  Chapter one up on Monday.  I will laugh and laugh if I can't find a critque partner.  (Then I will put a curse on all your houses.) 

ETA: As per a thought from mmegaera, there are ways on this journal to friends-lock posts to this community if you want your writing sample to only be visible to members who have already joined.  At the bottom of your screen when you type up a post is a box saying "Show this entry to:" - if you change that to 'Friends', only people who have joined the community will be able to see your entry. 

Likewise, if you are happy with anyone seeing your entry but only want people who are members to be able to leave a comment about your writing, there are boxes that say Allow Comments?/Comment Screening/Adult content.  If you change the Comment Screening drop down box to Non-friends, anyone who hasn't joined won't be able to post.
Thursday, March 27th, 2008
10:41 pm

Good idea to create this community Amanda.  I'm also looking for a CP.

- I am serious about writing but I work and have 2 small children so it is a part-time thing for me.  Ideally I'd like someone who wants to exchange some stuff for comments maybe monthly or bi-monthly.

- Whilst I'm busy, if I say I'll do a thing, I do it.  So although I'll only have so much time to give to a CP, I will be committed to what I say I will do.

- I am 40K into a historical romance (Regency).  I recently sent a sample out to 3 readers and 3 writers and got back really useful feedback - but ideally I would like someone I can work with on an ongoing basis (plus, I think reciprocation helps the process - you don't feel like you're asking for favours).

- I'll be honest and I expect the same courtesy in return.  

- I've never done any creative writing or literature courses but I'm a lawyer by profession (a litigator) so I use words for a living and I'm analytical.  I probably won't use the writerly buzz-words though.

- I've been writing seriously now for a couple of years.  I started with a couple of category-length contemporaries.  Submitted the first to Mills&Boon in a rosy haze and was rejected.  Didn't even submit the second one because I realised I was 'writing-by-numbers' and I needed to do something that I was passionate about and engaged with.  Which is what I'm trying to do now.   

Anyone out there interested?

1:17 pm
Intro - Silver
Amanda - this is a good template.

Name:Silver James aka Penny James aka PJ James (Silver James is the pen name I'm using for the fiction. Penny James is non-fiction).

Interests: Would it be cheating to send people to my LJ Profile/User Info? I am curious by nature and I have a trivial mind filled with all sorts of little facts and anecdotes picked up by living a long and varied life. I'm interested in everything from acting to zoomorphic animals (think the rabbits in Watership Down ). Between A and Z, there's a universe of interests - crime, military, things that go bump in the night, books, writing, cowboys and Indians (I are both), the west, history, the future....and getting published.

Romance Genre: I've dabbled in just about all of it at one time or another. Currently, I'm polishing up a paranormal/urban romance novel, while working on a sequel to it. I have two time travel romances in which the Tuatha de Danaan (faeries) are mucking about. I pull them out peridically and try to add more polish and market them. There's a Suspense with Romantic Elements, a Romantic Suspense (with ghosts) "in the can", and several projects ranging from werewolves, the Nephilim, and a police unit set in the near future that are partially completed. I'm also going to explore the idea of the "Mature Romance" - a protagonist over the age of forty *mumbleFiftymumble*. I'll read just about any sub-genre in the field. Oh, I also have a couple of movie scripts hanging out on the "written shelf".

Tolerance for beginners: I'm better at spotting typos and language usage problems in other's work than my own (forest/trees...yeah?). I'm patient and while I try to be encouraging I do tend to call dreck....well...crap, especially in my own writing (and would hope a CP would bwap me with a clueX4 for writing it). I'm a good sounding board for "plot bunnies," character development and setting. My imagination can take quantum mind leaps and will then leave it to the logical part of my brain to figure out how to get from Point A to Point B, but if an idea is too far-fetched, I will try to help rein it back to within reasonable parameters.

Writing History: Non-Fiction: articles and photographs in technical and professional magazines and journals (I was the managing editor of one professional journal). I had a dictionary of military terms for family and new service members and several humorous essays in a state-wide newspaper. Fiction: A "crime noir" novella in an anthology. To be honest, due to life and career(s), trying to market my fictional writing has been pretty hit or miss with large gaps of time in between efforts. I'm retired now and have the time (if not always the energy) to get serious about doing so. That's the plan and I'm sticking to it. I have had recent feedback from one editor (with no promises made) and I'm currently considering her suggestions on the paranormal/urban. I have a separate LJ for posting my works in progress that is friends only, sin_sceal_eile.

About Me: I'm older than dirt, most of my friends are half my age (don't ask me why, I have no clue what they see in me), I've known my best friend for 35 years, I've been married 25 years, and I have a daughter who turned 21 last fall. I am owned by two dogs and an lolcat named Adidas. I'm adopted and have recently discovered that I have Indian blood in a fairly significant quantity. My husband and daughter belong to a different tribe, though we are all "Civilized." (Native American is a term most Indians don't actually use, I've discovered - at least in these parts). I refuse to read anything written by Cassie Edwards and I fear I'm not very PC in general. I'm a bit sarcastic and I have a self-deprecating sense of humor (and one that's warped, too). I'm honest but try not to be brutal about it. However, if you don't want to know the answer, don't ask. I have the amazing ability to be too far ahead of the curve and by the time the curve catches up, it's "old hat". (Please read the sarcasm between that line. :P) Someday, I will be in the right place at the right time. I don't really have any hobbies at the moment though I've done needlework, bred and shown Quarterhorses, worked with Search and Rescue dogs....and...all sorts of things. Why yes, I do have a short attention span, why do you ask? Oh, did I mention that it's almost opening day? I <3 Baseball....almost as much as I <3 coffee!

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9:29 am
Okay, I think I'm getting the hang of this, so here it goes, the novel of my life (the movie is coming soon to a theatre near you):

Name: Tracy Sprayberry - my pen will be Traclyn Berry

Interests: Reading; writing; endless projects on my house; jewelry/beadwork; needlepoint; cooking

Romance Genre: I write a mix of hist/contemp ghost romance and gothic historical.  I love ghosts and being scared, and I particularly love old buildings and tragic history.  I like to combine all that in my writing.  I consider myself more of a supernatural writer than a paranormal writer.  There are no vamps or shapeshifters or were-anythings in my books.

Tolerance for beginners:   I don't mind helping beginners at all; however, I don't want to be anybody's momma.  When working with beginners I do expect them to learn and invest a lot of time in what they're doing, not just expect me to fill in the blanks.  In other words, I want to help and mentor, not do the work.  As for the rest of it, I'm better at picking apart plots and characterization than I am on the grammer side of things.  I do pick up on obvious grammar-wrongs, but when I read anything, I'm seeing the big picture, not the individual sentence.

Writing History:  I've been going at this with intent since 2002 (writing since I was wee-bitty-bitty).  At that time, I entered Lori Foster's Brava novella contest, and though I didn't place, my entry was sent to Kate Duffy anyway.  She loved it.  I finished the book.  It sucked.  She rejected.  I cried.  She left me for more deserving writers.  So, long story short, I've written 1 crappy novella,  and 2 single titles.  I started my 3rd ST last year, but 200 pp in, I discovered it was a nice little story, but had no conflict.  My 2nd ST (which took me 2 years to write - yikes!) is touring the agent circle right now and I just started work on my newest which is a gothic historical.  I still haven't sent my first ST out to any agent or publisher.  I have no idea why, except that I keep rewriting it.  Woohoo!

About Me:  I'm saracastic (you've probably guessed that by now) and brutally honest - though I'm nice about it.  I love anything gothic (I don't dress it though) and I'm a total girly-girl.  I prefer skirts or dresses to pants - in fact, I only own 1 pair of pants and 1 pair of jeans.  I love nature, history, old buildings and I love, love, love ornate graveyards.  I work full time as a legal secretary - lots of fun there! - and I'm perpetually single and quite pleased about it.  I also have two cats that sometimes let me sleep in my own bed.

And that's it!  I hope I haven't scared anyone away (that's something I'm very good at).

4:39 pm
Right, so welcome to the new hunting ground everybody, don't be afraid to put up a new post, it makes the place look lived in.

As was excellently suggested by Barb, when you post or comment, put your actual name at the bottom so people know who you are.  Unless you think of yourself as swingin'fairy66, in which case, all good.  

So far I have not remembered to do this once.  But I have good intentions.

I have no writing to put up yet, so I proffer a limerick - 

There was a smart bitch in distress
Whose old CPs just couldn't guess
Being cloyingly nice
Wasn't helpful advice
Start over again? Well hell yes. 

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